Nps-1064-10 - 10mW Picosecond Narrowband Mode-Locked Laser

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Overview of Nps-1064-10: 10mW Picosecond Narrowband Mode-Locked Laser

The new, ultrafast Nps-1064-10 is a 1064nm laser, featuring 10mW average output power, < 7ps pulse width, and a 40MHz repetition rate. The transform-limited operation, with a spectral width of < 0.3nm), and remarkably accurate central wavelength (1064.3 +/- 0.1nm) make the Nps-1064-10 laser a suitable candidate for highly efficient amplification by Nd-doped DPSS amplifiers. Therefore, opening the way to nonlinear optics applications like OPO pumping, and narrowband Raman Spectroscopy.


Nps-1064-10 Features:

  • 7ps pulses @ 1064.3nm @ 40MHz
  • 10mW average output power – 250nJ pulse energy
  • Transform-limited operation – spectral width < 0.3nm
  • User-friendly turnkey operation
  • Alignment-free and compact system
  • Low power consumption
  • Fiber-coupled output

Options Available:

  • Custom Wavelengths, repetition rates, and amplifications
  • Second-harmonic generation
  • Beam expanding and collimating optics
  • Circular polarization
  • Water cooling
  • Remote control cbox and software interface
  • AC-DC power supply


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