DPSS Laser, ns Pulsed, 1064 nm, up to 200 mJ, up to 30 Hz, <20 ns

Key Features:

  • Up to 200mJ at 1064nm
  • 10Hz to 30Hz
  • Less than 15ns pulse duration
  • Conductively cooled


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Lead Time
Aero Laser Aero-200-1064

Nanosecond DPSS Laser, 1064nm or 1064 + 532nm, 200mJ, up to 30Hz


8+ weeks

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Aero Laser Aero-100-1064

Nanosecond DPSS Laser, 1064nm, 100mJ, up to 30Hz


8+ weeks

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The Aero-1064 laser is a high-energy DPSS laser operational up to 30Hz with a less than 15 nanosecond pulse width and pulse energies up to 200mJ.  All models come enclosed in an compact and ruggedized single unit with a conductively cooled heatsink.

Initially designed specifically for Aerospace applications, the Aero series features a thermo-mechanically stabilized package that can be customized to withstand severe vibrations and qualifications test for operation in space.  The versatile compact, rugged, air-cooled design makes it an ideal candidate for several applications including atmospheric LiDAR, air-borne and space-borne instruments, telemetry, and LIBS.

Options Available

  • Beam Expanding and collimating optics
  • Harmonic module for frequency conversion at 355nm
  • Water-cooling or air-cooling

Wavelength (nm)

Output power (W)

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Pulse energy (uJ)

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Pulse width

Rep rate

Q-switch type

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