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Replacement Laser for Discontinued Coherent Helios

The WEDGE Laser is a Perfect Replacement for the Discontinued Coherent – Helios 1064nm Picosecond Laser:

With the discontinuation of the Coherent Helios laser, some people find themselves having to source a replacement laser before production is stalled. RPMC is here to help alleviate your frustration when trying to source a suitable replacement laser. We are constantly monitoring fluctuations in the laser industry as we strive to keep more products in stock, provide an easy to use access point to the widest selection of laser configurations, and ensure you have the tools you rely on. In this case, we have noticed some heartburn due to the discontinuation of the Coherent Helios laser.

The good news is, we offer a line of high-quality, high pulse energy DPSS lasers that would make a perfect replacement for the discontinued Coherent Helios. The compact, air-cooled, Wedge series provides very similar specifications to that of the Helios, while providing significantly higher pulse energy (180µJ vs. 100µJ @ 1064nm). The Wedge can be configured for operation from single shot to 100kHz and features a fixed cavity design and a proprietary, low jitter, q-switching technology.   The compact footprint, with integrated drive electronics, and optional Cbox controller and GUI software, help to ease integration.  The Wedge laser series is designed for industrial 24/7 operation and is available in a variety of standard and custom configurations including 1.5um, 532nm, 355nm and 266nm harmonics.

Check out the full Wedge laser series here, to get more detailed specifications. If you have any questions at all, would like some assistance choosing the right configuration, or would like to discuss customization to get a tailored solution that perfectly suits your needs, you can easily Contact Us Here, or you can email us at [email protected] to talk to a knowledgeable Product Manager today!

Wedge HF/XF 1064 Features:

  • Up to 180uJ pulse energy
  • >250kW peak power
  • 400ps to 2.5ns pulse width
  • Single shot to 2kHz
  • Monolithic design
  • Air cooling
  • Low heat waste
  • MOPA configurations


  • 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm and 1.5um options
  • Extended rep rate down to single shot
  • Beam expanding and collimating optics
  • Fiber Coupling
  • Low jitter option
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • IP68 package
  • 28V DC Input for airborne installation
  • Circular polarization
  • Monitoring photodiode
  • Red aiming beam
  • Remote control box and software interface
  • AC-DC power supply