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Turn-Key Fiber Coupled Laser Diode

Direct Diode Laser System

RPMC Lasers provides a complete, turn-key fiber coupled laser diode system suitable for material processing, medical therapeutics and also pumping solid-state laser media. Delivering up to 50W of diode laser into a 100~400um core fiber, the system makes it easy to develop new applications.

With control over the operating temperature of the diode laser, as well as current and pulse width, the system offers flexibility and an also easy to use interface. In addition, the system can be controlled either by the front panel user interface or by a computer-controlled RS-232 interface.

Turn-key Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode Features:

  • Up to 300W output power
  • Air cooling
  • Fiber delivery
  • Red aiming beam (optional)
  • Temperature control
  • Compact design

RPMC Lasers strives to provide laser diodes at an affordable price while also providing top-notch customer service. Therefore, we believe we are the best option for ALL your DPSS and Laser Diode needs!

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