400 Femtosecond Lasers

These 400 femtosecond (fs) ultrafast lasers are used for advanced micromachining and optogenetics applications that are in need of short femtosecond laser pulse widths.

These high-energy, femtosecond fiber lasers operate at either 1030 or 1064 nm and are the most compact and robust air-cooled configurations on the market. These 400 fs lasers offer many pulse control features such as adjustable pulse duration, selectable repetition rate from 40 MHz down to single pulse, or fine pulse energy tuning so that pulses can be emitted in various modes (on demand via external signal, burst of pulses with configurable pulse separation).

Three different parameters determine the output power of a pulsed laser; the laser’s pulse width, the pulse energy, and the pulse repetition rate.  On this page for laser pulse widths, we have a list of all of the 400 femtosecond (400fs lasers) offered by RPMC.

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For reference:

A millisecond (ms or msec) is one thousandth of a second.
A microsecond (µs or µsec) is one millionth (10 -6 ) of a second.
A nanosecond (ns or nsec) is one billionth (10 -9) of a second.
A picosecond (ps) is one trillionth (10 -12 ) of a second or one millionth of a microsecond.
A femtosecond (fs) is one quadrillionth (10 -15 ) of a second
An attosecond is one quintillionth (10 -18 ) of a second.

If you have any questions or need help selecting the right femtosecond laser:

Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output power (W) Pulse energy (uJ) Pulse width Rep rate Q-switch type
DIADEM Series Diadem GR Pulsed DPSS Lasers, Ultrafast Lasers 515, 532 10.0, 20.0, 30.0 10.0, 20.0, 30.0, 40.0 400fs, 10ps Single shot to 2MHz Active
DIADEM Series Diadem IR Pulsed DPSS Lasers, Ultrafast Lasers 1030, 1064 10.0, 20.0, 30.0 10.0, 20.0, 30.0, 40.0 400fs, 10ps Single shot to 2MHz Active