BDL-CW1000 V0.2: 976nm Fiber-Coupled Direct Diode Laser

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BDL-CW1000 V0.2– 976nm Fiber-Coupled Direct Diode Laser

The BDL-CW1000 V0.2 is a wavelength stabilized high power fiber coupled 976nm or 915nm laser diode from BTW.  This easy to integrate OEM laser diode module utilizes specially designed micro-optics to transform the asymmetric out of the laser chip improving the beam quality to couple the laser into small core fiber optics providing 1000 watts of power unpreceded brightness. The volume Bragg grating stabilized external laser diode cavity design of the BDL-CW1000 V0.2 not only offers wavelength stability and a linewidth less than 0.7 nm, but it also reduces the overall power consumption and thermal load by limiting the number of modes lasing at a giving time.

All of these features in combination with a 100,000 hour typical diode lifetime, make the BDL-CW1000 V0.2 laser diode module ideal for fiber laser pumping.

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