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New White Paper on Two-Photon Microscopy

Jablonski diagram two-photon fluorescenceAt RPMC we are focused on providing you with the most up to date information on lasers and laser applications.  In this vein, we are excited to announce the release of our newest white paper focused on two-photon microscopy titled “How Mode-Locked Lasers Affect the Past, Present, and Future of Two-Photon Microscopy“.   Two-photon microscopy is a widely used technique in the biological sciences for producing high-resolution images of living cells, and in this article, we explore the history of two-photon microscopy (including how it evolved from traditional fluoresce microscopy), with a heavy emphasis on the role of the mode-locked laser in the evolution of the technique.

After reading this white paper you will come to understand the fundamental physical principals behind two-photon absorption, and why ultra-fast pulsed lasers are required in order to induce the effect. This paper further goes on to explain the importance of working in the near-infrared wavelength region, with a particular wavelength of interest being at 920 nm.  This is an exceptionally effective excitation wavelength because it falls within the two-photon absorption band of a wide variety of proteins.  Additionally, 920 nm is also a “sweet spot” where damage to living tissue can be significantly reduced in comparison to other more common near-infrared wavelengths.

Fortunately, new developments in mode-locked fiber laser technology have allowed for ultra-fast lasers to be specifically engineered at a wide variety of wavelengths including 920 nm.  In this article, we highlight the Alcor laser series from Spark Laser, which was specifically designed for life science and biophotonics applications, and how it is a superior choice to Ti:Sapphire lasers an excitation source for two-photon microscopy.

Click below to download the full white paper or see our new White Paper page to browse our ever-growing collection of in-depth articles.

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For additional for detailed technical specifications on the Alcor laser series click here or talk to one of our laser experts today by calling 1-636-272-7227.

Alcor Laser: Mode Locked Fiber Laser by Spark Laser



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