UnikLasers Overview

UnikLasers is a leading-edge photonics company, specializing in the development and production of CW, single-frequency, DPSS lasers. They offer the widest selection of available wavelengths with different output powers on the market. While they regularly introduce new wavelengths in response to market demand, they also offer customized developments for individual clients.

BRaMMS stands for Bragg Range Michelson Mode Selection.

BRaMMS Technology® is at the core of our single frequency DPSS lasers. It’s the culmination of decades of research by our ambitious and tenacious CTO, Prof Fedor Karpushko. Prof Karpushko founded UniKLasers in 2013, bringing decades of innovative research and experience in DPSS laser design with him. As a result, he brought over 40 patents that comprise our proprietary BRaMMS Technology®. Certainly capable of delivering outstanding single frequency performance, with the ability to preselect the spectral range, they can produce some of the highest output powers in the market.

We have a team of ambitious, highly qualified laser and optoelectronics engineers that continue to push the capabilities of our technology further than ever. Our engineering platform utilizes the spectrum-discriminatory feature of a Michelson interferometer setup within a spectral range preselected by a VBG. Therefore, suppressing all but one lasing longitudinal mode within the laser cavity. Due to significantly lower power consumption and simplified thermal management, BRaMMS-based lasers provide improved output power scalability from a remarkably small footprint. Our proprietary BRaMMS Technology® platform delivers outstanding performance, and we are trusted by clients in the research industry worldwide.


BRaMMs Lasers Series

BRaMMS Series

The BRaMMS series of CW single-frequency lasers, featuring the Solo and Duetto configurations, are available at a variety of wavelengths with high average powers, making them well suited for a variety of highly specialized scientific and industrial applications. BRaMMS Technology® enables superior performance, high output powers, and outstanding beam properties in an overall compact footprint. The BRaMMs SOLO and Duetto series are utilized in a range of applications including holography, metrology, spectroscopy, and quantum technology.

UnikLasers is a leading-edge photonics company specialising in the development and production of CW single frequency DPSS lasers. Their proprietary BRaMMS Technology® platform delivers outstanding performance with some of the highest output powers on the market and have are trusted by clients in research industry worldwide.

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