LASOS Lasers Overview

LASOS - HeNe & Ar-Ion Gas LasersLASOS, an ISO certified company, designs, develops and manufactures high quality HeNe and Ar-Ion laser systems with a special focus on OEM applications in the Biophotonics, Microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy and Holography. With company roots and laser manufacturing dating back to 1966, LASOS brings many years of experience and expertise to the design and manufacturing of sophisticated laser systems. With the many years of experience and customer’s success, LASOS has positioned themselves as a reliable partner and supplier to the world-wide, laser electo-optics community.



LGK Series

The LGK Series of Gas Lasers include a wide range of HeNe and Argon lasers with wavelengths at 488nm, 515nm, 543nm, 594nm, and 633nm.

LASOS brings many years of experience and expertise to the design and manufacaturing of sophisticated laser systems, with company roots and in-house laser manufacturing dating back to 1966. LASOS industry proven HeNe and Ar-Ion laser sources cover a wide range of applications with wavelengths spanning from 454nm up to 638.2nm. With the closed chain of development, design and manufacturing LASOS is able to adapt to customer’s requirements and deliver solutions that cater specifically to your applicaiton requirements.

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