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All You Need to Know About Lasers!


We know selecting a laser source for your application can be overwhelming. There are many types of lasers and levels of integration to choose from, so it is important to know their differences and the impacts they will have on your project. In our new Lasers 101 guide, we provide an overview of laser types and information about their parameters to help answer any questions you may have! 

Our new laser 101 page will cover things such as the different types of solid state lasers, package types, and wavelengths.Wavelengths-1

Check out the following in our new Laser 101 Guide:

What is a Laser?
What is a Solid State Laser?
Types of Solid State Lasers
Overview of Laser Diodes
Overview of CW Lasers
Overview of Pulsed Lasers
Selecting the best Laser
Beam and Optical Parameters
Integration Levels



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