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Affordable DFB Laser Diodes

The Affordable DFB Laser Diode is a product series from RPMC Lasers.  Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers offer single mode emission and are available in wavelengths from 1270nm through 1610nm.  In addition the standard package is the fiber-coupled coaxial package and can also be supplied with a bracket for easy mounting.  The bracket is also an option and must be specified. Free space and fiber pigtailed versions available.  Most noteworthy these low-cost DFB lasers offer narrow linewidth laser diodes in a price range that is attractive to many applications. See our new Lasers 101 page for in depth information on the attributes of Lasers

Affordable DFB Laser Diode Features:

Wavelength – 1270nm – 1610nm
Output power – 2mw
Single mode
Coaxial/Receptacle package
Fiber-Coupled DFB LD with Single Mode Fiber
Built-in Monitor
9um Fiber Core
Fiber Connector options -FC/SC/ST/LC/MU
Isolator Optional


Test Equipment
An Optical Bidi Module and Optical Receiver
Optical Transmitter of Analog Signal
Optical Transmitter of Data Signal

RPMC Lasers strives to provide laser diodes at an affordable price while also providing top-notch customer service. Therefore, we believe we are the best option for ALL your DPSS and Laser Diode needs!

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