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2-Photon Microscopy: XSight’s Vision for a Simplified Experience

In two previous blogs, we discussed the capabilities of the ALCOR Femtosecond Laser, successful applications, and briefly outlined two optional, external modules: the XSight and FLeX Fiber modules for further enhancing the capabilities of the various ALCOR configurations. In this article, we’re going to focus a bit more on the XSight Module, and how this addition can help your project succeed.

The ALCOR Series of femtosecond lasers can be equipped with the optional XSight, fully-integrated electronics module for 920nm & 1064nm, allowing for easy power adjustments and modulation. By itself, the ALCOR is an excellent laser for Two-Photon Imaging applications, offering fixed output powers of 1W, 2W, 4W, and 5W, but has no power modulation, and can only operate in alignment power mode, or full power mode, with no intermediate power levels. With the addition of the XSight module, users can tailor the output power to achieve the best results from their specific application. Rather than offering one configuration with all the bells and whistles, the modular design of the ALCOR Series allows you to save money on unnecessary components if your project doesn’t require the advanced features. Additionally, while there is a loss of total transmitted power when adding the XSight module, the transmission efficiency is one of the highest on the market for this type of laser, coming in at an impressive 85%.

R2Z6_ALCOR_XSight_External to Integrated Module

XSight TTL Gating-1

A new and improved version of the XSight AOM module is now completely integrated into the smallest laser head on the market. Previously, the XSight was designed as an external module. While the laser head footprint was still relatively small with the external module added, the internal integration of the AOM module significantly reduces the already minimal footprint. Adding this optional, integrated XSight module to the ALCOR allows for precise control with fine power adjustment, fast gating with TTL signal, fast power modulation with analog signal, and power adjustment of the modulated signal, all through either the GUI or serial communication protocol.


XSight Modulation-1

The user-friendly GUI provides everything you need to operate your ALCOR laser, including the enhanced capabilities provided by the XSight, in an all-in-one, convenient, and easy to use visual interface. Along with this GUI, the XSight AOM is designed to offer a simple, turn-key solution, providing all the features required for Two-Photon Microscopy, Neuroscience, and other industrial applications. Fine power adjustment is provided by computer controlled, calibrated output power system, allowing a full range of adjustment from 0-100% power, with 0.5% steps. Analog modulation is provided with a bandwidth of  >1MHz, utilizing an external, arbitrary electric signal. Digital, ON/OFF gating is provided using an external TTL signal, with a response time of <1µs. 



ALCOR 920-4W

  • < 140 fs
  • up to 80 MHz
  • 4 W (3W with XSight)
  • 920 nm
  • Frequency synchronization (SYNC-OUT)
  • Computer controlled GDD precompensation – 60 000fs²
  • Same form factor as standard ALCOR


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