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Femtosecond lasers are ideal for medical, industrial, scientific, and numerous other micromachining applications. Offering high pulse repetition rates  with near perfect beam characteristics, ultrafast lasers are capable of generating microstructures in organic tissue without causing thermal side effects.

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Item No.
Pulse Width
Wavelength (nm)
Output Power
Pulse Energy
Repetition Rate
Chinook 25W
Femtosecond Laser
Femtosecond DPSS lasers
< 1 ps51525W12.5 uJSingle shot to 3 MHz
Chinook 50W
Femtosecond Laser
Femtosecond DPSS lasers
< 1 ps103050W25 uJSingle shot to 3 MHz
ChinookHE 50W
Femtosecond Laser
Femtosecond DPSS lasers
< 1 ps103050W100 uJSingle shot to 1 MHz
Femtosecond DPSS lasers
Femtosecond DPSS lasers
< 140 fs103020W20 MHz / 40 MHz / 80 MHz
Diadem IR-10
Femtosecond DPSS lasers
Femtosecond DPSS lasers
< 500 fs103010Wup to 10uJSingle shot to 1 MHz
Diadem IR-30
Femtosecond DPSS lasers
Femtosecond DPSS lasers
< 500 fs103030Wup to 30uJSingle shot to 1 MHz

Femtosecond lasers generate very short pulses, which allow these ultrafast lasers to effectively operate on all materials!

This femtosecond laser is also ideal for the cold ablation of any material, including metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, coatings, glass, plastics, diamonds, and PET. Ultrafast lasers can even operate on layered substrates. Cold ablation allows for material to be removed without heating the residual matter. Thus, femtosecond lasers will not produce heat affected zones, splatter, or significant recast. Additionally, femtosecond lasers will eliminate the need for any post processing!  
Fs lasers material processing uses include:
  • high-throughput deep hole drilling
  • cutting
  • precision high-speed surface modification of composite material and glass 
  • laser micromachining
  • Thin film removal
Often we have found many applications initially understood as being a femtosecond application can at times be done more efficiently with a picosecond laser.  For more information on our available picosecond lasers please click here.

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