High Power Multimode Laser Diodes

  High Power Multimode Laser Diodes    RPMC offers the widest selection of  single emitters in the industry.  Wavelengths from 405nm thru 1850nm with up to several watts output power. We also offer the widest selection of packages. Free Space packages: c-mount, chip on submount, q-mount,  b-mount, 9mm, TO-3, HHL Fiber coupled packages: 9mm, Butterfly package 2-pin package, 8-pin HHL, 10-pin HHL, See all of the wavelengths we off… Read More

LIDAR Laser News!

    We’re excited about Bright Solutions’ s, short pulsed nanosecond lasers for LIDAR applications, being featured in March’s edition of Laser Focus World.  Check out the article in the link below and let us know what pulsed requirements you have!  See page 23 at:… Read More

1572nm Wedge XB variations

  We continue to offer the standard version of the Wedge XB 1572nm laser from Bright Solutions.  In its standard configuration, the Wedge XB 1572nm laser provides up to 800um of pulse energy with <1ns pulse duration, rep rate from single shot to 1kHz.  The Wedge HB 1572nm laser provide con stant pulse energy form single shot to 1kHz from a compact, air-cooled package. In addition to the standard Wedge XB 1572nm laser, some of our customers require various custom versions of the Wedge XB 1572nm laser.  In the table below there are several feasible variations based on this standard laser.  In these custom configurations higher pulse energies, average powers and pulse rates can be achieved. This laser is ideal for many … Read More

Multi-Emitter High Power Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes

RPMC offers a wide selection of high power fiber coupled laser diode modules consisting of multiple single emitters free space combined and focused into a single core fiber. These modules offer high brightness, increased reliability, and lower operating current than laser diode bar based fiber coupled devices.  These devices are available in wavelengths at 635nm, 808nm, 915nm, 940nm and 976nm.  Output fibers from 105um, 0.15 NA and up with output power up to 20… Read More

Compact Laser Combiner System

The L4Cc (4 Lasers) and L6Cc (6 Lasers) are compact wavelength combiners which integrates Oxxius lasers and/or lasers from others. The modular design allows a large choice of laser lines with free space beam output or delivery through SM, PM or MM fibers or multiple output ports. Options include: AOM’s for DPSS lasers, fast switch mirror, multiple output ports, motorized neutral density filters We also offer custom designed options. L4Cc and L6Cc are field upgradable for cost effective future expansion. The L4Cc and L6Cc are microprocessor controlled and provide advanced features and interfaces for demanding applications. Available in ready to use P&P version or OEM versions. We are happy to supply a complete quotation, let us know what wavelengths and output powers … Read More

Sourcing Custom Laser Diode Equipment From Quality Manufacturers

While there are many companies that offer various types of solid-state laser equipment and components, only a handful truly deliver highly advanced laser diodes that are custom manufactured for the most demanding specifications. From military to industrial and medical needs as well as aerospace and other sciences in addition to educational organizations, sourcing the best in laser parts, components and equipment is essential to ensuring that operational performance is always maintained.   Operate Under The Most Demanding Conditions   Sourcing custom laser diode equipment requires working with experienced and dedicated professionals who manufacture only quality components. From medical processing to military deployments and medical facility use, custom laser diode equipment must be manufactured to operate under the most demanding conditions while maintaining … Read More

Multimode Laser Diodes Offer Versatility And Dependability

Those in industry and the sciences understand the importance of versatility and dependability when it comes to a wide variety of different types of laser components and parts. This is especially true with regard to multimode laser diode related components. For example, a multimode single emitter type laser diode can come in various thicknesses. Ranging from 445nm to as much as 1850nm laser diodes are available with more options today than ever before.   Advanced Laser Equipment One of the key considerations when it comes to purchasing and deploying multimode laser diodes is to ensure that the widest wavelength range is available. Accessing wide wavelength range components ensures greater accuracy and better performance in a wide array of advanced laser equipment. In … Read More

Custom DPSS Laser Components For The Highest Levels Of Accuracy

Most experts in the industry would likely agree that not all nanosecond lasers are created equal. In fact, this type of laser component can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and the overall build specifications. That said, one thing is certain and that is that custom DPSS laser components must be crafted from the highest quality material and made to exacting detail. A diode pumped solid-state or DPSS nanosecond laser can typically be sourced for a wide range of applications.  Manufactured And Produced To The Highest Levels Of Accuracy   This includes everything from military applications to medical use and industrial needs as well as scientific applications and for a number of other unique uses. From lamp pumped nanosecond type laser systems … Read More

Nanosecond Lasers for Many Industries

Fulfilling a wide variety of needs and applications, the nanosecond laser provides cutting-edge technology for many industries. From scientific applications in the medical, military, aviation and other industries, nanosecond lasers have become very important today. Incorporating very high efficiency type pump chamber technology, this laser system offers exceptional performance in virtually any type of application. Superior beam-quality and impressive stability when it comes to a passive beam pointing functionality makes this laser a smart choice for industry. Superior Pulse Energy This type of laser platform is incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of unique situations. From remote sensing to distance measuring applications and various types of material processing, the nanosecond laser is an innovative and technologically advanced piece of … Read More

How Solid-State Lasers Have Improved the Laser Industry

The laser industry has experienced impressive levels of improvement in productivity and overall performance over the last few decades. Many important services and scientific operations would not likely be possible without innovative state-of-the-art lasers. The use of various types of manufactured lasers has improved performance in a way that was never possible before. For example, dynamic light scattering, polymer curing, super resolution imaging, DNA sequencing and a host of other important applications are made more reliable through the use of today’s modern laser technology.Superb Sensing By taking advantage of superior gas sensing lasers, those in the industrial and technology sectors enjoy greater accuracy and more reliable results. From solid-state diode pump lasers to fiber lasers and advanced picosecond lasers and femtosecond lasers … Read More