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FP-3 laser head 50mm x 34mm x 16mm. Recently released by Bright Solutions, all microchip lasers will now be housed in the new FP-3 housing.  This new housing keeps the same mounting screw configuration and footprint of the former FP-2 package, but in a smaller overall volume. Our microchip lasers are available at 1064nm, 946nm, 532nm, 473nm, 355nm, 266, 236.5nm and even 213nm.  We have many different configurations to choose from, some with high energy/low rep rate and others with low energy/high rep rate.  Contact RPMC to learn more!
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RPMC is pleased to announce the release of the DIADEM line of compact, air-cooled industrial femtosecond lasers from Spark Lasers. Diadem Laser Head The DIADEM emits at 1030nm and is available with 10W or 30W of max average output power, max energy output of 20uJ and 30uJ respectively and ultrashort pulse duration of <500fs.  The laser offers a wide rep rate range with the ability to be adjust from single shot to 1MHz, and excellent beam quality boasting an M2 of <1.2. The all-fiber design means this laser is robust and up to the challenge of being implemented in harsh manufacturing environments where minimal downtime is required.  The design also affords the unit to be extremely compact with the laser head measuring only 518 x 342 x 125mm making the laser ideal for integration when space is at a premium. In addition to the 1030nm version, the DIADEM is also available with 515nm output (5W and 15W) and soon will be available in at 343nm. This laser is ideal for all applications where high peak power, ultrashort pulse duration and cold processing effects are required.  We have applications lab capabilities as well to do proof of concept and process development work.  Contact RPMC for more details.
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For a wide array of applications with regard to pulsed laser diodes, today it is more important than ever before to work with an experienced and knowledgeable team of experts who truly understand all aspects of laser application. Lasers can be used in a wide range of industries including lasers for Raman Spectroscopy as well as lasers that fill the need for Fiber Laser Seeds and Pumps along with lasers related to gas sensing and those needed for illumination and sensor applications and gesture recognition applications. Included in this is a full range of nanosecond type laser applications often required in industry, scientific research and manufacturing.   Technical Challenges   From multimode laser diodes to single mode laser diodes as well as laser diode bars and stacks, one company has consistently outperformed the competition when it comes to quality and fair pricing on a full range of laser products. RPMC Lasers, Inc. is a company with worldwide reach in terms of helping industry as well as manufacturing and those in the sciences find the best laser diode product solution for their specific needs. When it comes to technical challenges, few other companies can compare in this regard. Known for extensive experience in the laser industry, RPMC Lasers, Inc. is a one-stop destination for anything related to lasers, in addition to parts and accessories associated with lasers.   A Full Range Of Applications   Most notably, RPMC Lasers, Inc. makes available a full array of diode pumped solid-state type nanosecond lasers. These types of lasers are suitable for a full range of applications including everything from medical to industry and scientific needs. Even military applications are well represented by the nanosecond lasers offered by RPMC Lasers, Inc.. The company is highly respected when it comes to the manufacturing of both lamp pumped nanosecond laser systems and diode pumped laser
Discover Pulsed Lasers That Have Wide Modern Application   Today more than ever before industry, manufacturing and those in the sciences require a full variety of diode pumped solid state nanosecond lasers for various applications. The PyroFlex laser is unique in a number of ways, especially due to the fact that it delivers a maximum peak power not found in other types of lasers. With impressive pulse duration and remarkable reliability, the PyroFlex laser and other kinds of pulse or nanosecond lasers offer dependability that is beyond compare.   The Benefits Of Programmable Control And Pulse Stability   More specifically, the PyroFlex laser platform typically combines the proven advantages of the very high reliability of diode pumping technology that is of the fiber coupled laser variety. In addition, they work in unison with the benefits of programmable control and consistent pulse stability. The exact specifications and overview of this unique and innovative type of nanosecond or pulsed laser is available for viewing on the main RPMC website. Regardless of the type of solid-state laser needed by industry, manufacturing, the sciences or education, RPMC Lasers is always standing by and ready to assist. What makes the PyroFlex laser platform so incredibly flexible is that it offers laser processing with uninterrupted control over the shape of the pulse.   Most Suitable Laser Each Time A New Process Is Presented   With an incredibly broad operating range, this type of laser is ideal for a full host of applications and processes. Few other nanosecond type pulse lasers can compare in this regard. Those who routinely incorporate lasers into their work will find that with the PyroFlex pulsed laser they will no longer be required to allocate time, expense or effort into finding the most suitable laser each time a new process is presented. It is this level of flexibility that makes this
While there are many companies that offer various types of solid-state laser equipment and components, only a handful truly deliver highly advanced laser diodes that are custom manufactured for the most demanding specifications. From military to industrial and medical needs as well as aerospace and other sciences in addition to educational organizations, sourcing the best in laser parts, components and equipment is essential to ensuring that operational performance is always maintained.   Operate Under The Most Demanding Conditions   Sourcing custom laser diode equipment requires working with experienced and dedicated professionals who manufacture only quality components. From medical processing to military deployments and medical facility use, custom laser diode equipment must be manufactured to operate under the most demanding conditions while maintaining accuracy and dependability. Custom applications are particularly important when it comes to laser type diodes. Accepting second-best in this regard will simply not do when performance depends upon the best parts and components. Lasers are used for everything from engraving to marking and ranging as well as machining components today.   Continually Exceeds Expectations Asking for the best in laser diodes that are custom manufactured guarantees that the job gets done right the first time around. While there are a number of companies located across the country that produce this type of equipment and other laser related components, one company has outpaced the competition year after year. RPMC Lasers, Inc. is a trusted and highly regarded source for the very best in custom laser diode parts, components and equipment. With years of experience in the industry, the company continually exceeds expectations in terms of quality, reliability and dependability. Contact RPMC Lasers, Inc. today to learn more about the best in solid-state lasers and many similar types of parts and equipment.
  Those in industry and the sciences understand the importance of versatility and dependability when it comes to a wide variety of different types of laser components and parts. This is especially true with regard to multimode laser diode related components. For example, a multimode single emitter type laser diode can come in various thicknesses. Ranging from 445nm to as much as 1850nm laser diodes are available with more options today than ever before.   Advanced Laser Equipment One of the key considerations when it comes to purchasing and deploying multimode laser diodes is to ensure that the widest wavelength range is available. Accessing wide wavelength range components ensures greater accuracy and better performance in a wide array of advanced laser equipment. In fact, choosing from a wavelength range of 445nm to 1.8um ensures greater accuracy and vastly improved performance. Equally impressive is when custom packages can be sourced for those who require highly unique and specific wavelengths. There is little doubt that multimode laser diodes are an important component requiring quality craftsmanship and manufacturing.   Professionals And Experts From medical facilities to aerospace and educational facilities as well as industrial and manufacturing needs, wavelength plays a vital role when sourcing various types of laser diodes. Accepting second-best simply will not do in today's world where accuracy and high levels of performance are the standard. Working with a dedicated team of professionals and experts with years of experience in the industry can help to ensure that the right type of diode is sourced with confidence. RPMC Lasers, Inc. is a trusted and respected name in the industry when it comes to high quality affordable laser diodes and other related parts, equipment and components for industry. Contact RPMC Lasers, Inc. today to learn more.
  Most experts in the industry would likely agree that not all nanosecond lasers are created equal. In fact, this type of laser component can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and the overall build specifications. That said, one thing is certain and that is that custom DPSS laser components must be crafted from the highest quality material and made to exacting detail. A diode pumped solid-state or DPSS nanosecond laser can typically be sourced for a wide range of applications.   Manufactured And Produced To The Highest Levels Of Accuracy   This includes everything from military applications to medical use and industrial needs as well as scientific applications and for a number of other unique uses. From lamp pumped nanosecond type laser systems to standard diode pumped lasers, a standard in quality always holds true. Simply stated, laser equipment must be manufactured and produced to the highest levels of accuracy to ensure long-term reliability and dependability for the most demanding conditions. This is equally true with regard to military applications and aerospace applications.   Components And Equipment   Whatever the case may be one thing is certain that is that custom DPSS lasers must be sourced from a trusted name to ensure outstanding levels of performance. Many companies offer this type of nanosecond laser, yet one company has stood the test of time. RPMC Lasers, Inc. is considered to be one of the most reliable dependable sources for the very best in laser parts, components and equipment. With years of experience in the industry and a trusted name throughout the region and across the country, RPMC Lasers, Inc. has earned a reputation for producing quality components at affordable prices. Contact RPMC Lasers, Inc. today to learn more.

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Your lasers are working very well so far. We don´t need to adjust the laser temperature any more, only the current a little bit which is easy, so we save considerable time in our QC department. We had no failure yet.

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