PCB Production Lasers

Modern printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, requires high throughput, accuracy, and precision.  As a result, laser soldering, laser etching, laser trimming, and laser cutting/drilling have all been deployed in the automated manufacturing process.  For soldering in particular PCB production lasers provide not only benefits of precision and speed, but the non-contact nature of the process reduces the stress on components and leads as well as reduces the risk of contamination.  Since the uses for PCB production lasers vary so widely so do their properties, but in general, these lasers tend to be single spatial mode to allow for the laser to be focused down to a spot.  Additionally, these lasers are often beam shaped depending on the exact need of the weld or cut.  On this page, you will find a list of all of the PCB production lasers we offer including fiber lasers and diode-pumped solid-state laser systems.

To see a full list of other applications RPMC lasers are used for please check out our applications page by clicking here.