Lithography Lasers

Lithography, or more specifically photolithography, is a material processing technique which is widely used in the semiconductor industry for etching nanoscale structures into wafers.  This process transfers shapes from a photomask to the wafer using ultraviolet light either by a gas discharge lamp or by ultraviolet lithography lasers.  UV light is traditionally used in photolithography because the minimum image size of an optical system is dependent on the wavelength of light.  Furthermore, lithography lasers are preferable for high-end applications because the monochromatic nature of laser light eliminates the residual chromatic aberrations from the broadband light source.  Additionally, blue and UV lithography lasers can be used in the production of the photomask itself by splitting the beam and interfering it at the precise angle to generate the desired photomask pattern.  On this page, you will find a list of all of the lithography lasers we offer including both blue and UV diode and DPSS lasers.

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