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Arroyo Releases New TEC Controller for OEM Applications

Arroyo Instruments is proud to announce the release of the new 586 Series TECPak.  The 586 TECPak offers up to 392W of output power and its display-less operation is a combination of its smaller brother (the 585 TECPak) plus the high-power output of the 5400 TECSource. Arroyo Instruments designs and manufactures highly accurate laser diode drivers, temperature controllers, and fixtures for test and measurement of laser diodes and LEDs.

TECPak control

The 586 Series TECPak is designed for manufacturing and embedded systems applications where the larger size, higher price point, or full user interface of a desktop controller is not practical. This compact, display-less module is the ideal TEC controller when price is a concern, the 586 is roughly 2/3 the price of the desktop version.

The 586 has no user interface, like its smaller 585 brother, it is intended to be controlled from a PC. To get your controller up and running quickly, our free Control software provides complete control and monitoring capability.

The 586 can also be used in fixed mode without a PC, such as regulating temperature in a long-term experiment. All settings are maintained even when the unit is turned off.  It will start up at the same state it was in when powered-off. An auto-start option allows you to configure the unit using ArroyoControl, and then simply turn it on with no PC required.

The 586 also has a new LED/interlock feature for controlling an external LED or switch input, and a second sensor input for simultaneously monitoring two sensors (either can be used for control).

For detailed technical specifications about this new controller, Click Here, or talk to one of our laser experts today by calling 1-636-272-7227.

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