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KW Turn-Key Laser Diode System for Material Processing

A complete, turn-key laser diode system suitable for many welding and cladding applications. This award winning product based on multiple single emitter design, a combination of fused fiber combining, has achieved 1000 W output power for a 300um fiber and 3000W output from 60… Read More

Narrow Linewidth Laser Diodes for Gas Sensing

hese Narrow Linewidth Laser Diodes feature Eblana’s Discreet-Mode (DM) technology which allows for excellent SMSR and narrow linewidth (<2MHz),  making them a cost effective solution for Gas Sensing and scientific needs. Since laser-based gas sensing requires excellent tuning characteristics, Eblana's DM lasers are the ideal choice because they feature mode-hop-free tuning over a minimum of 2nm. See our new Lasers 101 page for in depth information on Las... Read More

Industrial Nanosecond Fiber Lasers

Label, mark, and structure a variety of materials with extreme precision using nanosecond fiber lasers for laser material processing applications: the pulsed nanosecond fiber lasers are suitable for labeling, marking, and cutting different materials, as well as for structuring your surface exactly. They create laser marks on metals or plastics, for example, while extremely thin layers can be removed … Read More

Eye Safe Laser Transmitters

Explore these rugged, low SWaP, and ‘Eye-Safe’ Er:Glass laser transmitters for use in demanding field applications active night vision and range finding. We offer an extensive range of Eye Safe Laser Transmitters for use in different kinds of Laser Rangefinders and Medical Equipment. Our range of products covers Flash Lamp and Laser Diode Pumped, Passive and Active Q-Switch options, and a broad spectrum of Output Energy, Repetition Rate, Pulse Width, and conductive and air-force… Read More

Choosing the Right Laser for Raman Spectroscopy

Choosing the correct laser is especially important for Raman spectroscopy when compared with other spectroscopic techniques because the Raman shift is directly related to the light source and the measured spectroscopic data cannot be decoupled from the lig… Read More

Narrow Wavelength Stabilized Fiber Laser Pumps

These Narrow Wavelength Stabilized Fiber Laser Pumps are manufactured by adopting specialized fiber-coupling techniques. This results in volume products with a high efficiency, stability, and superior beam quality. The products are achieved by transforming the asymmetric radiation from the laser diode chip into an output fiber with small core diameter by using special mic… Read More

ALCOR – 920nm Ultra-Compact Femtosecond Laser

 ALCOR produces high-average power with ultrashort femtosecond pulses (down to <170 fs) at high repetition rate (80 MHz standard, others optional) in an ultra-compact and robust format. ALCOR is a fiber laser with a best-in-class quality and collimated beam providing high-stability. Integrating state of the art high-power full package amplifiers and pulse management, ALCOR offers remarkable pulse quality at high average power with no maintenance... Read More

Extended Temperature Range Options for High Power ns DPSS Lasers

Bright Solutions offers extended temperature range options on several high power DPSS lasers. Extreme operating conditions can be requested on Sol and Onda ns DPSS lasers, as well as on Wedge and other sub-ns laser products , to assure stable performance for applications that require operation outdoors, in the field, airborne, underwater, or… Read More

Micromachining Lasers

In recent years, micromachining lasers have shown rapid growth.  This interest in micromachining has led to the development of ultrashort pulsed lasers in the picosecond and femtosecond regime with higher output powers and energies. Such sources are starting to make a big impact on a variety of micromachining applications in the semiconductor, medical and industria… Read More

Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers from BKtel

Established in 1997, BKtel is a world-leading supplier for 1.0um and 1.5um, pulsed and CW fiber lasers and amplifiers.  These products have found homes in a variety of applications such as LIDAR, range finding, 3D scanning and other applications where eye-safe wavelengths are required.  With nearly 20 years of R&D experience, the staff at Bktel has superior technical competence and provides best-in-class solutions to meet the most difficult customer-specific req… Read More

SOL 20W Green – The most compact 20W green laser on the market!

We are proud to announce the newest SOL family device! The new SOL 20W green laser is the most compact on the market. Maintaining its original footprint (23 x 10 x 95cm), the SOL 532nm now doubles its average power providing over 20W and 1mJ per pulse, with excellent beam quality and just 24V/200W electrical consumption. This allows for effective air cooling of the all-in-one l… Read More

Multi Wavelength Laser Combiner

The L6Cc, L4Cc, and L2C are compact Multi Wavelength Laser Combiner systems, which integrate standard LaserBoxx modules, LCX DPSS and LBX laser diode. The modular design offers a large choice of laser lines with free space beam output or delivery through single or multiple PM fibers. It is field upgradable for cost-effective future e… Read More

About Eblana Photonics

Eblana Photonics, located in Dublin Ireland, specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced semiconductor Discrete-Mode Laser Diodes (DFB-like). Eblana’s origins are in advanced research programs in photonics involving Ireland’s leading Universities and Research Centres including Trinity College Dublin and the National Microelectronics Resear… Read More

UV Nanosecond Lasers

The Quantas Series, from QLI, are available in compact, air-cooled packages at wavelengths down to 213 and 211nm, and pulse energies up to 6mJ.  Applications for the Quantas series include LIBS, Ti: sapphire pumping, remote sensing, Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy (TOFS) and … Read More