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Lasers for LIDAR

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing application that uses pulsed laser light to measure variable distances to the earth. A LI… Read More

L Type Module

The L Type Module incorporates RPMC’s proprietary Wavelength Stabilized Laser, which features high output power with narrow spectral … Read More

1.5um, 800µJ Wedge XB

The Wedge XB (1.5um, 800µJ Wedge XB) laser emits more than 800µJ at 1.5um with a pulse width of 1.5ns, resulting in peak powers of over 530kW. Hig… Read More

Jenoptik Laser Diode Bars

Find Jenoptik laser diode products at RPMC Lasers! These laser diode bars are known as being high-quality and standard for medical and industrial app… Read More

ALTAIR Femtosecond Laser

ALTAIR femtosecond laser is a quasi-continuous wave range of lasers, typically emitting at 1040 nm, which delivers industrial grade p… Read More