Cutting/Drilling Lasers

Laser cutting and drilling is a process in which q-switched lasers are used to thermally ablate material to form holes and cuts in metal and plastic parts.  In both laser cutting and drilling the primary objective is to remove material, and as such, the vaporized material must be allowed to outgas, so that is don’t interfere with the process allowing for precise cuts.  This is typically accomplished through combining a focused gas jet with the cutting/drilling lasers to prevent vaporized material from building up inside of the “cut” which could result in unwanted localized heating and thermal lensing.  Laser drilling has the added benefit of making it possible to machine very small, blind, unusually shaped, high aspect ratio and precisely tapered holes into all types of materials.  By employing cutting/drilling lasers, manufacturers can increase throughput with less setup time for switching out tooling and an increase in quality and process versatility.  On this page, you will find a list of all of the cutting/drilling lasers we offer ranging from high power q-switched fiber lasers to high pulse energy flashlamp pumped laser systems.

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