Flashlamp Lasers Overview

Flashlamp lasers are a category of optically pumped laser where a high-power gas discharge lamp, typically xenon or krypton, is used as the excitation source to pump a laser crystal.  Flashlamp lasers take advantage extremely high optical energy discharged from these lamps to produce high energy pulsed laser outputs, in some cases exceeding 50 Jules per pulses.  While they are typically larger and less efficient than DPSS lasers they are still widely used in applications such as tattoo removal and LIBS where high energy lasers pulses are needed for thermal ablation.  Flashlamp lasers can either be q-switched for higher peak power or “long pulse” for higher overall energy output with powers ranging from less than a milliwatt to over 100 watts.  Additionally, through the use of second harmonic generation, they can emit wavelengths from the green through the infrared.  OEM flashlamp laser packages and modules are available.

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