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NASA Releases Stunning Hubble Photo of Two Galaxies Locked in a Dance

Despite the James Webb being in place and set to start observations this summer, Hubble is still going strong. The nearly 30-year-old space telescope recently captured two galaxies locked in a dance. NASA shared the image this week, and space enthusiasts will want to see it for themselves….


DPSS Lasers Compete with Fiber Performance, Ruggedization, Customization

DPSS Lasers Many Applications Medical Plastic Welding Glass Marking Newsletter

These DPSS Lasers have the benefits of fiber lasers & more for many applications, including micromachining, LIDAR, bathymetry, plastic welding, medical, aerospace, and military applications:

  • Rugged fixed laser cavity design for a compact and reliable laser
  • Shorter pulse widths result in higher peak powers
  • Integrated doubling/tripling harmonics for more wavelengths
  • Customization results in a better laser for your application


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Multi-Wavelength Combiners: Best Price on the Market for Flexibility

L4Cc L6Cc Multi-Wavelength Combiner Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Fluorescence Imaging NewsletterOur 4 & 6 Wavelength Laser Combiners are competitively priced for the amazing amount of options & flexibility. They come standard with 1 or 2 outputs depending on needs. Plug-n-play Extension Module configurations provide many options, such as 2-port split beam with <0.5% power difference & fast switching on 2 or 3 ports. With all these options, MANY wavelength configuration options, and a large selection of connectors & collimators, these combiners rise above the competition and come in below their price point!


Wavelength-Stabilized Single-Mode & Multimode Laser Diodes & Modules

R Series

  • Stabilized Wavelengths from 633nm to 1064nm
  • Narrow Linewidths < 100kHz
  • Up to: 500mW CW – Single-Mode | 5W CW – Multimode
  • Up to 1kHz modulation
  • Side-mode suppression ratio 35-40dB
  • Polarization extinction ratio > 17dB
  • Packaging Options: TO-Can – 14-Pin BF – OEM – Turn-key

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