Single Mode

Single Mode Lasers Overview

The spatial mode structure of a diode laser is determined by the ridge width of the waveguide, similarly as the core of a fiber-optic cable.   For single-mode laser diodes, the ridge width is determined by the wavelength of the laser but is typically between 3 to 10 microns wide.  Such a narrow waveguide allows for single transverse electric (TE) and transverse magnetic (TM) modes to be supported resulting in a perfect TEM­00 beam profile.  The limited volume associated with having such a narrow active area results in far less power generation and much larger power densities at the facet, but it also results in a much lower capacitance allowing for quicker switching, therefore, making single-mode laser diodes far superior for high-speed applications.  Single-mode laser diodes are available in both free space and fiber coupled packaging configurations.

Here at RPMC Lasers, we offer a wide range of wavelengths from 375nm-2128nm with single-mode outputs, including DFB, DBR, and VBG stabilized single frequency diodes. These single-mode diode lasers are the ideal for a diverse range of applications including fiber laser seedingconfocal fluorescence microscopy, gas sensing, and telecommunications.


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