OEM Laser Sources for Laser Target Designation

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What are Target Designator Lasers?

Target Designator Lasers are the laser sources utilized inside an airborne or ground-based laser target designation system.

IR laser designators have been commonly deployed by the military to allow ground forces and unmanned aerial vehicles to “paint a target” by illuminating them with a pulse-coded invisible laser, which can then be detected and locked onto by the weapon’s targeting system.  Laser designation lasers require relatively high pulse energy, a programmable pulse repetition rate, low beam divergence, and high pointing accuracy.  Laser designation lasers must be deployable in a wide variety of inhospitable environments; therefore, in addition to the optical considerations, it is required that they are compact, rugged, and have relatively low power consumption.  On this page, you will find a list of all of the laser designation lasers we offer from Areté Associates, one of the premier producers of Mil-Spec lasers for laser designators.

Our Target Designator Laser Products

RPMC has helped various industry professionals find the right laser source for their specific application requirements for over 25 years. We have experience with space-qualification, ITAR restrictions, STANAG 3733 requirements, custom laser development, and more! Through the years we have forged many trusted partnerships with industry leading manufacturers. Areté Associates, a US-based company, set out to make the ideal source for laser designators, taking into account the full range of performance requirements laid out above, developing the AIRTRAC-LD laser source.

This rugged 1064 nm DPSS laser source provides low divergence (< 375 µrad), high pulse energy (>70 mJ), and a programmable pulse repetition rate (up to 30Hz) with less than 10ns pulse jitter, delivering high laser pulse energy over the full MILSPEC temperature range. All of these features combined make the AIRTRAC-LD fully compliant with NATO STANAG 3733, and therefore ideal for military deployment in IR laser designator systems. In addition to excelling at the optical requirements for laser designators, the AIRTRAC-LD also meets all the required MIL standards for laser designator military sources, and is an ultra-compact, highly efficient, low SWaP laser source, weighing < 0.5 pounds, with a volume < 7 cubic inches, and a wall plug power consumption of < 30 W, enabling integration into lightweight laser designators / portable laser designators / handheld laser designators. These units have a variety of configuration options and are completely customizable, including scalable, high-energy options, depending on your unique integration requirements.

Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output power (W) Pulse energy (uJ) Pulse width Rep rate
AIRTRAC-LD AIRTRAC-LD Pulsed DPSS Lasers, Mil-Spec Lasers 1064 1.0 50000.0 10ns - 25ns 7-21Hz