Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) are intersubband semiconductor lasers emitting around a center wavelength ranging from the mid-infrared.

The QCLs designed and manufactured by mirSense are high-powered diodes (typically watt-level) emitting in the main transmission bands of the atmosphere (4.0µm, 4.6µm, 4.8µm, 9.x µm). They are Fabry-Perot laser sources operating in the quasi CW regime (pulsed operation down to few tens of nanoseconds and high frequency above MHz) at room temperature. The high average power and wall-plug efficiency of this product is perfectly suited for counter-measure and other defense applications.

MirSense offers a full range of ITAR-free products from chip on submount manufacturing to full turnkey systems. For OEM system integrators, mirSense manufactures a packaged diode plugged to a top-notch PCB driver that includes laser control, thermal management and security and safety. This packaged diode is the “POEM” system (POEM stands for PowerMir OEM system).

The QCLs from mirSense are proudly manufactured in first-class clean rooms in the heart of the French optics valley on the “Saclay Plateau” near Paris. MirSense focuses on serving industrial customers that require a high level of laser reliability to ensure good batch-to-batch quality for series-productions. Customers will especially find that mirSense offers a very high beam quality.


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