Altair: Femtosecond Laser

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Overview of Altair High-power, high repetition rate Femtosecond Laser for Bioimaging

The ALTAIR mode-locked fiber laser produces high average powers up to 20W, ultrashort femtosecond pulses  of <160 fs, at a high repetition rate of 80 MHz (others available) in an air-cooled, ultra-compact and robust package.  The ALTAIR is an ideal solution for bioimaging/biophotonics applications such as multiphoton microscopy where deep excitation of red-shifted indicators such as RCaMP, dtTomato, and MCherry is required. As a mode-locked fiber laser, the ALTAIR provides high stability and excellent beam quality.  A host of options can be added to the system such as GDD pre-compensation down to -30,000 fs^2 (lower options available), custom wavelengths, harmonics, repetition rates, and more.

The Altair Femtosecond lasers are ideally suited for multi-photon microscopy applications.  The combination of short pulse duration and high average power offers many benefits for bioimaging such as lower scattering and deeper penetration and is the preferred solution for both OEM and researchers in the microscopy and life sciences fields

To find out more click here to download our white paper on how mode-locked lasers are used in two-photon microscopy.



  • Up to 20 W avg. power at 80 MHz (1.5 MW peak)
  • Up to 250 nJ/pulse
  • <160 fs pulses
  • Pulse picking
  • GDD precompensation from 0 down to -30,000 fs^2
  • Remote control through TCP/IP
  • Rugged design
  • Maintenance free





Download ALTAIR 2020 PDF