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Headquartered in Irvine, CA, SPECTROLIGHT Inc is a leading global manufacturer developing and producing innovative broadband tunable filters and tunable light source systems for customers in the scientific research and industrial manufacturing markets that demand high-reliability, high-performance, market-driven solutions today. Based on their supercontinuum laser, their tunable laser system provides simultaneous tuning of the center wavelength and bandwidth, an exclusive feature of SPECTROLIGHT’s devices. SPECTROLIGHT Inc is the recipient of several LFW Innovator’s Awards, a Prism Award Finalist, and were highlighted in the 2024 Review of Spectroscopic Instrumentation (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2024).

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SL-Pico Series

sleek modern dpss laser housing, simple cubic design, black and red with optical fiber & connectorThe SL-Pico series of picosecond supercontinuum lasers is designed to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of cutting-edge research and industrial applications. These supercontinuum white lasers are highly regarded for their wide wavelength range and cost-effectiveness. The SL-Pico offers a spectral range from 410 to 2400 nm, has high power, is very stable, and is capable of delivering power up to 8 W. The SLM versions are mode-locked fiber lasers with a fixed rep. rate, and the SLMV versions have a tunable repetition rate (up to 40 or 200 MHz), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and various applications like fluorescence microscopy, TCSP, hyperspectral imaging, semiconductor inspection, and much more!

TLS Series

sleek modern dpss laser housing, simple cubic design, black and redThe TLS series is the broadest continuously optically tunable broadband picosecond laser combining a supercontinuum laser & tunable bandpass filter. Users can tune output power, wavelengths from 410-1700nm by choosing the VIS, IR, SWIR, or a custom configuration, and real-time bandwidth control for TLS-Red (10 or 20nm fixed for TLS-Blue). These picosecond tunable lasers are suitable for various fields that require precision scanning and high output from fluorescence microscopy to time-resolved spectroscopy, such as TCSPC, Hyperspectral imaging, Machine vision, Semiconductors, Sensors, and other applications.