Jenoptik Lasers Overview

Jenoptik is a globally operating technology group with facilities in more than 80 countries with optical technologies being the core of their business focus. Jenoptik specializes in high-quality semiconductor lasers and reliable diode lasers from 780nm-1064nm in fiber coupled and actively and passively cooled open heatsinks, as well as unmounted bars. In addition to the laser diode product lines, Jenoptik also produces innovative solid-state lasers such as nanosecond disk and pulsed fiber lasers. Jenoptik’s key customers primarily include companies in the semiconductor equipment, automotive and automotive supplier, medical technology, defense and security as well as the aviation industries.


JDL Series

JDL Series

The JDL Series of unmounted laser diode bars are available in CW or QCW configurations in wavelength from 760nm – 1064nm. Various emitter configurations and cavity lengths are available offering up to 200W CW and 500W QCW output powers.

Jenlas Series

JenLas D2 Series

The JenLas D2 series of CW disk lasers with a wavelength of 532nm are available with up to 8W output power. These Nd:YVO4 or Yb:KYW solid state lasers are ideal for industrial micro material processing and medical treatments

JenLas Fiber ns Laser Series

JenLas Fiber ns Series

The Jenlas Fiber ns series of nanosecond pulsed fiber lasers at 1085nm are available with up to 105W, 190 to 250 nanoseconds pulse widths, and peak pulse powers of up to 8 kilowatts. for precise material processing and cutting applications.

JOLD-FC Series

The JOLD-FC Series of high quality high power fiber coupled laser diode bar products are offered in wavelengths from 780nm – 1064nm and 30W to 400W output power.

JOLD Open Heatsink Series

The JOLD-Open Heatsinks Series of high quality high power laser diode bar products are offered on a range of open heatsinks including the CS, CN, and LK package. Wavelengths from 780nm – 1064nm.

JOLD Stacks Series

The JOLD-Stacks Series of high quality high power laser diode bar stacks are available with actively (microchannel) cooled or conductively cooled. Wavelengths from 780nm – 1064nm.


Jenoptik’s constantly developing our products, technologies and services in the interests of our customers, employees, investors and partners. In doing so, we comply with international standards in accordance with ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management, and OHSAS 18001 on occupational health and safety.

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