Laser Diode Module, Stabilized, OEM, 1064nm

Key Features:

  • High Power Single Frequency Output (SLM)
  • Ultra-Narrow Spectral Bandwidth
  • Circularized & Collimated Output Beam
  • Gaussian TEM00 Spatial Mode
  • Integral Laser Line Filter
  • Optical Isolator
  • SMSR 70 dB w/ laser line filter (40 dB without)
  • Integral Thermistor & TEC
  • Integral ESD Protection
  • Integral Linear Tracking Photodiode


There are many configurations and options available. If you do not see exactly what you need below, please contact us!

The R1064 is a set of 1064nm wavelength stabilized diode modules with a wide range of configuration options. Our proprietary wavelength stabilized modules feature stable (≈ 1% power stability), high output powers with ultra-narrow spectral bandwidths, and a diffraction-limited output beam. Designed to replace expensive DFB, DBR, fiber, and external cavity lasers, our single-mode spectrum stabilized lasers offer superior wavelength stability over time, temperature (0.007 nm/0C), and vibration, and are manufactured to meet the most demanding wavelength requirements.

This line of laser diodes can be configured with many different options and package types to fit any application need. Whether you are wanting base TO-56 or 14-Pin Butterfly components, OEM modules, or a fully turn-key package, we have the options to get you exactly what you need and make your project a success! See the Package Options section below for datasheet specifications for each configuration type. Use the datasheets and the part number keys to determine your desired configuration, or talk to one of our knowledgeable Product Managers today for tailored assistance in choosing the right setup for your needs.



Wavelength (nm)

Output power (W)

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Coherence length

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