Bright System

Bright System

Bright System’s team of laser application experts are focused on the development of innovative laser processing tools and systems that specifically target the fields of micro and nano-processing of advanced materials such as glass, polymers and thin films. Bright System’s application lab can provide feasibility studies to help customers develop a laser processing solution personalized to meet their application needs, and further fine-tune their system requirements. Bright Systems team of experts utilizes their years of experience and the in-house capabilities, coupled with the wide range of laser capabilities to provide complete fully integrated laser machining solutions to meet a variety of application’s needs.

Bright System leverages the years of experience gained by their in-house engineers and scientists, as well as their access to a wide range of standard and custom laser configurations, to better enable their process development capabilities and provide customers with integrated laser machining solutions to advance their application. In addition to bringing cutting edge technologies to the market, Bright System is committed to offering a world-class level of quality, customer care and service at an affordable price.

The Bright Solutions Group consists of 4 business units: Bright Solutions, Bright Microlaser, Bright Systems, and Bright Aerospace.

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Picture Part Number Type Wavelength (nm) Output power (W) Processing area (mm) Processing speed (mm/s) Working distance (mm) Spatial-resolution (um) Lens magnification
MicroMake 266 Micromachining Laser System 266 1 x 1 mm 2, 50 39 4.5, 5 10X
MicroMake 532 Micromachining Laser System 532 1 x 1 mm 4, 100 39 4.5, 5 10X

MicroMake Series

The MicroMake Series is a fully-integrated, compact, sub-ns DPSS laser micromachining system for high precision and resolution applications. A flexible platform at 532 & 266 nm, with >40 kW of peak power and processing speeds up to 100mm/second, the system includes all the needed devices for direct laser micro-processing in a single, monolithic, air-cooled configuration. Equipped with a live microscope, alignments and in-process quality checks are a breeze. All these features perfectly suit various materials utilized in microelectronic circuits, displays fabrication and correction, biomedical device machining and optical substrates microprocessing.