Incorporated in 1996, RPMC Lasers, Inc. was started to assist LDX Optronics generate worldwide attention to their high quality laser diode products. This allowed LDX Optronics to concentrate on technical challenges without the diversions of sales calls and marketing endeavors. LDX Optronics has succeeded nicely. With that success, we realized that we could do the same thing for other laser firms, and enjoy an economy of scale while doing it, and thus adding value for our primaries as well as for us. Over time, additional laser firms have been added to our list of primaries.

Dean Micke and Chuck Ratermann are the owners of RPMC Lasers. Both have extensive experience in the laser industry. We are very proud of the experienced staff we have assembled. We are OEM distributors of lasers and laser diodes, including some accessories like heatsinks and diode drivers. We do not offer finished systems. We try hard not to represent firms with competing products. We also differ from most distributor firms because we are not keen to represent many firms. Rather, our goal is to represent a few firms, and do it very effectively. And we sell at the manufacturer`s standard prices.


GOA Optical Amplifiers

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Your lasers are working very well so far. We don´t need to adjust the laser temperature any more, only the current a little bit which is easy, so we save considerable time in our QC department. We had no failure yet.

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