MLRL: 1.5um Pulsed Fiber Laser

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MLRL– Pulsed Fiber Laser 

The MLRL is a high energy modulated 1550nm wavelength stabilized OEM fiber laser from Bktel.   This ultra-compact, q-switched series of lasers are designed for a wide range of applications that require high pulse repetition rates up to 500kHz and high average power.  The MLRL delivers up to 2W of average power and a pulse width between 50 and 300 ns.  High-speed triggering is available by external triggering, TTL, or LVDS making this laser ideal for integration into a wide range of high-speed applications.  MLRL laser produces a perfect TEM­00 output beam which can be delivered via an FC/APC or SC/APC fiber connector or an optional collimating lens.   This laser requires less than 150 W pf power consumption and comes standard with RS-232/L2C communication interface

All of these features make the MLRL laser series a robust tool for applications like LIDAR, 3D Scanning, and many others.

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