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High-Energy Q-Switched Lasers for Harmonic Generation – Part 2

In our last blog post (Part 1), we highlighted the benefits of high-energy q-switched lasers for harmonic generation.  In that article, we reviewed how q-switched lasers work and why the resultant short duration, high-energy pulses are required for higher-order harmonics. So, we won’t rehash that here.  Instead, we will highlight another set of lasers offered here at RPMC, which are ideal for higher-order harmonic generation, allowing it to produce wavelengths from the infrared to the ultraviolet; the Sol, Wedge, and Onda from Bright Solutions.  All three of these laser sources are robust and compact, making them ideal for integration into OEM systems.  In this blog, we will highlight several of the features which make each unit uniquely suited for harmonic conversion.

Onda Bright Solutions


  1. Bright Solutions primarily designed the Onda Series as a high-energy seeder for advanced MOPA applications. Not only does it provide an extremely high peak power of 400kW at its fundamental wavelength (1064 nm), it also has exceptional beam quality (M2 < 1.5) and polarization extinction ratio (100:1), both of which are critical for non-linear conversion. These properties allow the Onda to produce up to 80µJ of pulse energy in a 2 ns to 6 ns long pulse at 266 nm.  Additionally, the laser has a variable pulse repetition rate ranging from single-shot up to 100 kHz (depending on wavelength).  Applications include micromachining of glass, LIDAR, bathymetry, thin film removal, and more.


WedgeHF pic

  1. The Wedge series, which comes in four different configurations, is capable of producing up to 4 MW of peak power. Not only does the high peak power make it ideal for harmonic generation, but also the difference frequency generation (DFG) further increases the availability of wavelengths into the mid-infrared. Wedge HB and Wedge XB are the two higher energy models, each with variable pulse repetition rates from single shot up to 1 kHz and 2 kHz, respectively, and 1.5 ns pulse width at 1064 nm.  The Wedge HF and Wedge XF feature picosecond (400 ps and 3 ns) pulse widths and can work from single shot to 200 kHz.  With beam quality as good as M2 < 1.3, these lasers can produce output wavelengths between 266 nm and 3300 nm. Applications include micromachining of glass, LIDAR, bathymetry, thin film removal, and more.



  1. The Sol Series, which is the most compact Q-switched laser available in the 4 W to 40 W power range, was developed initially for laser machining. Unlike the other two lasers discussed here, the Sol is capable of running in either continuous wave mode or q-switched at its fundamental wavelength (1064 nm). The standard configuration allows for pulsed operation from single shot up to 100 kHz, with a standard option available for operation up to 200 kHz. This laser is available at both the fundamental and second harmonic (532 nm) and is ideal for marking and scribing, as well as thin film removal and medical applications.


All of these laser series from Bright Solutions offer a similarly compact footprint and electronic interface, providing ease of use, superior operation flexibility, and good price to performance benefits.  Additionally, all of these lasers were designed with OEM integration in mind, including integrated control electronics, and remote service and support capabilities.  For users who prefer a graphical user interface., they are also available with an optional Cbox controller with a proprietary GUI software interface for simplified remote control and monitoring of the laser.


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