LDX-3430-735: 735nm Multimode Laser Diode

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Overview of LDX-3430-735: 735nm Multimode Laser Diode

This 735nm diode laser produces 4000mW from a 300um emitter in the free space packages or 3200mW from the fiber in the fiber coupled packages. It has a low threshold current and high slope efficiency, which results in a low operating current which enhances reliability.

Key Features for LDX-3430-735:

  • Wavelength: 735nm
  • Output Power:  4000mW free space, 3200mW from the fiber
  • High output power and dynamic range
  • High efficiency
  • Custom packaging available
  • Custom wavelengths and laser designs available.

See the optical and electrical characteristics of these multi-mode laser diodes in the data sheet linked below.

These high power red laser diodes are the preferred choice of customers in various optoelectronic applications in the medical industry.

Free Space Package Options for LDX-3430-735

Here are our standard packages and their options. Customized solutions are also available. These devices are custom-built to meet your specific needs.


Part Number Configuration:


This Made-in-the-US laser diode is manufactured by LDX Optronics.

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