JOLD-90-QPFN-1L: QCW Diode Laser Bar w/ FAC

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Overview of JOLD-90-QPFN-1L: Laser Diode Bar

The JOLD-90-QPFN-1L is a free-space, multimode laser diode bar, with CW output power options up to 90W, wavelength options of 808nm, 880nm, 938nm, or 976nm in an open heatsink, conductively cooled CS package. The JOLD-90-QPFN-1L is a highly efficient, highly reliable diode bar, with low divergence and long lifetime.

JOLD-90-QPFN-1L Features:

• High optical output power up to 90 W CW
• High efficiency, low divergences
• Long lifetime, high reliability


JOLD-90-QPFN-1L Applications:

  • Pumping of Solid-State Lasers
  • Print Applications
  • Medical Applications