JOLD-800-QANN-8A: Laser Diode Stack

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JOLD-800-QANN-8A | Actively Cooled QCW Diode Laser Stack.  No Lense.

High power laser diode requires a very efficient actively cooled package due to a large amount of waste heat in a small area.  Microchannel heatsinks (MCHS) are very efficient.  Our vertical stacks can be used to increase the optical output power of your diode laser. To do so, we stack up to 12 mounted laser bars to form a diode laser stack or an assembly. Each of these laser bars can supply up to 120 watts output power. Because of the small gaps between the laser bars,  maximum brilliance is achieved from the stacks.

Actively Cooled Stacks are available without collimation,  with a Fast-Axis (FA) collimation only or combined Fast-Axis/Slow-Axis (SA) collimation.

JOLD-800-QANN-8A Applications:

  • Material processing: Curing of metals, annealing.
  • Medical technology: Esthetics, dermatology.
  • Industry: Pumping source for fiber lasers and solid-state lasers.
  • Science and research: Pumping source for fiber lasers.