JOLD-275-CPNN-1L: High Power Laser Diode Bar Package

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The JOLD-275-CPNN-1L from Jenoptik is their latest development in the field of high-power laser sources for industrial material processing, and in particular for direct diode laser applications. The new diode laser with passive cooling offers extremely high power output of 275 watts and long service life in both CW and hard pulse applications.

This represents a significant increase in power output compared to products which have been available on the market up to now. Jenoptik has succeeded in combining important advancements in mounting technology with an innovative approach to heat management to guarantee reliability under hard pulse conditions, even with such high power output.

The benefits are obvious: For manufacturers of laser systems in the kilowatt range, the complexity and costs of plants and systems are reduced due to fewer diode lasers being used.

End users profit from both increased productivity and outstanding processing results thanks to the combination of high power output and excellent beam quality.

Highlights of the JOLD-275-CPNN-1L:

-High power of 275 W

-For direct diode laser applications

-Hard pulse and continuous wave operation

-Passively cooled

-Special mounting technology

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