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RPMC Offers New Homogenized Diode Laser for Raman Spectroscopy

RPMC is proud to announce the release of their new Homogenized Multi-Mode 14-Pin BF Diode.  This multi-mode, wavelength stabilized laser features high output power with low power consumption and narrow spectral bandwidth. Another exciting feature is the shaped and homogenized beam profile, which evenly spreads out the power density and shapes the beam to match the field of view of a camera. See reference photos below for a standard open beam profile (left) versus a homogenized beam (right).

The Homogenized Multi-Mode 14-Pin BF Diode is designed to replace expensive DFB, DBR, fiber, and external cavity lasers. This spectrum stabilized laser offers superior wavelength stability over time, temperature (stabilized output spectrum < 0.007nm/oC), and vibration, and is manufactured to meet the most demanding wavelength requirements.

Stub Laser Clean White - No LogoThese devices can be spectrally tailored to suit application needs and offer side mode suppression ratios (SMSRs) better than 40 dB (70 dB at some wavelengths, available with additional, optional filter), thereby providing extremely high signal to noise ratio and making these sources ideal for Raman Spectroscopy.

These homogenized multi-mode laser diodes are available with narrowed spectral bandwidth for FWHM < 0.15 nm (0.1 nm typical), or even ultra-narrow spectral bandwidth (< 0.1 nm FWHM, 0.07 nm typical), upon request. You can purchase these diodes configured with a 2:1 or 1:2 beam aspect ratio, as well as square shape output (both standard). However, you may also ask about custom shapes that may better suit your needs.

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