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Flexible 210-4500nm ns Laser Family for High Pulse Energy Applications

The Quantas Family of DPSS Lasers

Quantum Light Instruments‘ (QLI’s) main product line is the Quantas Family.  This family of lasers offers compact, air-cooled, high-energy, low rep rate, DPSS lasers at the fundamental wavelengths of 1064 and 1053nm, as well as the less common 1163, 1177, 1300, 1317, 1551 and 1571nm options. They offer standard harmonic wavelengths, through the 5th harmonic (211 and 213nm), with the addition of an external harmonics module. The Quantas Family was designed for a wide range of applications that require high peak power / high energy pulses.

LIBS QLI’s Quantas Applications
Light Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
• Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy (TOFS)
• Light Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Spectroscopy
• Flash photolysis
Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption / Ionization (MALDI)
• Pulsed Light Deposition (PLD)
• LCD repair, laser ablation, remote sensing and many others

The Quantas Family Configuration Options

The Quantas Family offers a wide selection of configurations. An example of the many configuration options includes a 120 mJ, 6ns, 10 or 20 Hz, 1053 nm, laser, called the Q2HE-F20, that can be configured with the H-SMART Harmonic module option for wavelength conversion through the 5th harmonic, or 211 nm in this instance. Higher rep rate configurations, up to 200 Hz, are available with energies in the millijoule level at 1064 nm.

Tunable OPO Wavelengths from 210nm to 4500nm

Wavelength conversion into the infrared range, using an OPO, is also possible in the fully automated Q-TUNE Series, with a tunable wavelength range from 210 nm to 2300 nm. Furthermore, wavelengths into the MWIR region (up to 4500 nm) are available with the Q-TUNE IR. QLI employs MOPA (Master Oscillator/Power Amplifier) architecture to produce high pulse energies and short nanosecond pulses with low timing jitter, while maintaining a low divergence output; making them an ideal source for harmonics conversion, as well as timing-critical application setups. In addition to the H-SMART Harmonics module option mentioned above, the Quantas Laser Family is available with various options, including motorized attenuation through the UV, pulse energy monitors, fiber coupling, and single or multiple output options with hands-free tuning.

End-Pumped, Water-Free, Air-Cooled Design

One of QLI’s crucial innovations is its TEC-based water-free laser crystal cooling technology, combined with laser diode end-pumping. The absence of water results in a compact, user-friendly turnkey laser system that requires minimal maintenance compared to traditional water-cooled lasers that require large chillers and bulky power supplies. This enhancement eliminates the risks associated with water cooling, reduces the overall operating cost, and provides for an even more compact and efficient cooling design.  The laser diode end-pumping technique provides enhanced cooling ability along the the length of the gain medium.

Quantas Family Advantages

  • Air-cooled laser design (option for water-cooled heatsink for unique requirements)
  • High energy (up to 120 mJ), short nanosecond to sub-nanosecond pulses (≈ 750 ps – 8 ns)
  • Low divergent, bell shaped beam improves user ability to focus the beam
  • Efficient UV generation – Harmonics options down to 211 nm with >10% conversion efficiency
  • Compact & lightweight – system only ~4.5 kg (Q1)
  • Energy efficient – advantage for portable, multichannel systems (Typ. < 100 W consumption – some as low as ≈ 10 W)
  • Cost-effective – minimum redundant features
  • No regular maintenance

Continual Improvement and Customization

Every year, new requirements and applications emerge for our products. With those new applications come new requirements for laser specifications and performance. For example, an application may require a reduced laser or electronics footprint, a broader operating temperature range, or higher pulse energies. The list could go on and on. Therefore, if you do not find the appropriate specifications you are looking for, we will be glad to discuss your requirements and confirm the feasibility of optimizing our products per your needs.

Quantas Family: Explore the Various Series

Below, we’ve outlined each base series within QLI‘s Quantas family. Click the series titles or pictures to go to our Quantum Light Instruments page, filtered for the chosen series, and get more details and specifications on each model we offer.


Q-SHIFT Series

The Q-SHIFT series of Q-switched DPSS lasers is designed for researchers and application specialists working in micromachining, dermatology, LIDAR, time-resolved laser spectroscopy, and LIBS applications. With its built-in nonlinear wavelength conversion stage, this series allows the production of unconventional fundamental DPSS wavelengths, including 1163, 1177, 1300, 1317, 1551 and 1571 nm options, making it an ideal choice for those seeking wavelengths that are not accessible with conventional solid-state laser sources. With the optional harmonics generator, it is possible to generate up to the 4th harmonic for each fundamental wavelength, providing even more versatility.


Q-SPARK Series

The Q-SPARK series is an air-cooled, diode-pumped, Q-switched laser designed for researchers and application specialists working with ablation, LIDAR, remote sensing, and LIBS applications. The laser produces sub-nanosecond or nanosecond pulses with peak power up to 20 MW and pulse energies up to 10 mJ, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. With a short <1.5 ns pulse, compact air-cooled package, and innovative water-free laser crystal end-pumping technology, the Q-SPARK series delivers high-quality, low divergence, Gaussian-like laser beams.


Q-TUNE Series

The Q-TUNE series is a highly efficient, tunable wavelength laser designed for researchers working with temporally resolved spectroscopy, metrology, photo-acoustic imaging, and remote sensing applications. This laser uses an optical parametric oscillator (OPO) to produce a tunable wavelength range of 410-2300 nm with a linewidth narrower than 6 cm-1, which can be extended to 210-410 nm with an optional second harmonic generator. With a pulse duration shorter than 5ns and an upper repetition rate of 100Hz, the Q-TUNE series provides a perfect coherent light source for precise scientific measurements.


Q-TUNE IR Series

The Q-TUNE-IR series is the perfect high peak power, coherent, DPSS light source for researchers working with infrared spectroscopy applications. This series uses an Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) to produce tunable wavelength in the 1380 – 4500 nm range with a linewidth less than 10 cm-1, achieving > 6.5mJ of pulse energy @ 3500nm for the F-10 configuration (> 2mJ @ 3500nm for C-10) with a 10Hz repetition rate. The Q-TUNE-IR requires little maintenance, with all laser electronics integrated into the housing, including an air-cooling system, eliminating the need for chillers or large power supplies, all while providing a guaranteed pump diode lifetime greater than 2 giga-shots.


Q1 Series

The Q1 series is a compact, energy-efficient, diode pumped, air-cooled, Q-switched laser available at 1064 and 1053nm with up to 45 mJ of pulse energy and rep rates up to 50Hz. The high peak powers and low divergence of the Q1 series enable efficient harmonic conversion through the 5th harmonic (213 or 211nm). The innovative design results in a user-friendly, turnkey system that requires little maintenance, and the laser’s variable pulse repetition rate and built-in sync pulse generator provide flexibility for triggering user equipment.


Q2 Series

The Q2 series is a diode-pumped, fully air-cooled, Q-switched laser designed for a wide range of applications that require high peak power pulses. Its innovative water-free laser crystal end-pumping technology produces Gaussian-like, low divergence laser beams with high peak powers, allowing for efficient harmonics conversion through the 5th harmonic. This versatile platform can be configured in many ways, including up to 80mJ pulse energy at 10 Hz pulse repetition rate or up to 20mJ at 100 Hz. The laser can emit either 1053 nm or 1064 nm wavelength, and in the short cavity configuration, pulse duration can be reduced by 50% in comparison to standard configuration.

Quantas Q2HE QLI 1064 1053

Q2HE Series

The Q2HE series is a highenergy, q-switched, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser series, available in either 1053nm or 1064nm fundamental wavelengths, with optional 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th harmonic generation. This air-cooled series of lasers is designed for a wide range of applications that require high peak power pulses. Due to a short laser cavity, excellent thermal properties of the crystal, and an innovative water-free crystal cooling technology, the Q2HE series can deliver up to 120mJ of pulse energy and/or up to 4W average output power. This advanced laser design results in a compact, user-friendly turnkey system that requires little maintenance.

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