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Two Photon Neural Imaging

Large Volume Two-Photon Neural Imaging Maintaining Cellular Resolution

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Read about large volume two-photon imaging with cellular resolution in this white paper, titled “Flexible Simultaneous Mesoscale Two-Photon Imaging of Neural Activity at High Speeds,” provided by Jerry Chen of Chen Labs at Boston University and his colleagues.

Image Alcor Altair Two-Photon Neural Imaging Large Volume Cellular Resolution

Abstract: Understanding brain function requires monitoring local and global brain dynamics. Two-photon imaging of the brain across mesoscopic scales has presented trade-offs between imaging area and acquisition speed. We describe a flexible cellular resolution two-photon microscope capable of simultaneous video rate acquisition of four independently targetable brain regions spanning an approximate five-millimeter field of view. With this system, we demonstrate the ability to measure calcium activity across mouse sensorimotor cortex at behaviorally relevant timescales.

The team utilized an ultrashort-pulsed 31.25 MHz, 2 W, 920nm fiber laser (Alcor, Spark Lasers) and a 7.8 W, 1040 nm fiber laser (Altair, Spark Lasers) as the illumination sources.

See all the great work being done by the research team at Chen Lab @ Boston University!

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