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jYCaMP: An Optimized Calcium Indicator for Two-Photon Imaging at Fiber Laser Wavelengths


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SPARK ALTAIR Jerry Chen Two-Photon imaging fiber laser wavelengths jYCaMP femtosecond fiber laser bioimagingTwo-Photon Imaging at Fiber Laser Wavelengths – Are you looking for a high-power, high repetition rate, femtosecond fiber laser for your bioimaging application? Check out our newest white paper, titled “jYCaMP: An Optimized Calcium Indicator for Two-Photon Imaging at Fiber Laser Wavelengths.” This white paper, provided by Jerry Chen of Chen Labs at Boston University, details their successful experiment, identifying spectral variants of the recently developed jGCaMP7 family of GECIs, resulting in the development of jYCaMP, a red-shifted variant, perfectly suited for fiber laser wavelengths. Within the experiment, Chen Labs utilized a SPARK Lasers Altair, 31.25MHz, 1040nm, femtosecond fiber laser.

“Femtosecond lasers at fixed wavelengths above 1,000 nm are powerful, stable and inexpensive, making them promising sources for two-photon microscopy. Biosensors optimized for these wavelengths are needed for both next-generation microscopes and affordable turn-key systems. Here we report jYCaMP1, a yellow variant of the calcium indicator jGCaMP7 that outperforms its parent in mice and flies at excitation wavelengths above 1,000 nm and enables improved two-color calcium imaging with red fluorescent protein-based indicators.”


jYCaMP1 is a redshifted variant of jGCaMP7 capable of detecting single action potentials: Orientation tuning maps in examples of jGCaMP7s and jYCaMP1s expressing FOV. Hue denotes preferred orientation and brightness denotes response amplitude. Some pixels are saturated. Similar results were obtained for N = 5 (jGCaMP7s) and N = 10 (jYCaMP1s) FOV.

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