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RPMC Now Offers HeNe and Argon-ion Lasers!

RPMC Lasers Inc. has just expanded its product portfolio by including a family of HeNe and Argon-ion gas laser products. These lasers are available in 543nm, 594nm, and 632.8nm, and offer a range of specifications, customizations, and power supply options!


The HeNe lasers boast an excellent TEM00 beam, robust mechanical design, long service life of up to 30,000 hours, and are available in 543nm, 594nm, and 632.8nm wavelengths, with output powers from 0.5mW to 20mW. Choose between standard and customized models, with available options such as single mode or multimode, random or linear polarization, Brewster window tubes, and fiber coupling. All models can be provided with either a laboratory power supply, or one of three OEM power supply versions. Designed for long life, low noise, high stability, and many customization options, these HeNe lasers are perfect for applications including spectroscopy, digital imaging, metrology, industrial measurement, medical, and more!

Argon-Ion LASOS

The Ar-Ion lasers are compact, economical, and boast an excellent beam quality, long term stability, low noise operation, and a broad blue to green spectral range, with emission lines from 454nm to 514nm, and output powers up to 225mW. Choose between single wavelength or multi-wavelength versions, as well as a dual-line version, perfect for photo printing applications in the AGFA d-lab.2 and d-lab.3 printers.

All laser tubes have an internal mirror with a vacuum-tight, hard-sealed and integrated resonator construction for optimizing the life time and power stability. Several options for cooling, OEM power supplies, and a remote control are available. The laser mirrors are adjusted and fixed by a special, proprietary technology, providing maintenance-free operation with no need for readjustment in the field!

About LASOS: For over 50 years, LASOS has been proudly developing and manufacturing their He-Ne and Argon-ion gas lasers in the “Optical Valley” of Jena, Germany. Utilizing their integrated network of trusted and knowledgeable partners, including research institutes, who help to provide key insights into developments, LASOS has focused on increasing customer benefit and profit by supplying high-quality laser products and after sales service. With the closed chain of development, design, and manufacturing, LASOS is able to adapt to customer’s requirements and deliver complete customized solutions including laser modules, optomechanical systems, and fiber coupling options.




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