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L Type Module

The L Type Module incorporates RPMC’s proprietary Wavelength Stabilized Laser, which features high output power with narrow spectral bandwidth. The laser’s stabilized peak wavelength remains “locked” regardless of case temperature (10 to 35 deg. C).

Devices can be spectrally tailored to suit application needs and offer side mode suppression ratios (SMSRs) better than 40 dB, thereby providing an extremely high signal to noise ratio and making these sources ideal for Raman spectroscopy and pump laser applications.

The laser is integrated with high-performance laser drive and temperature control electronics and integrated into a fully turn-key UL/CE and IEC certified system with all safety features.

In addition to benchtop functionality of the L type Module, the side panel can be opened and the “guts” of the laser (the U-type engine inside) can be removed so that a different wavelength can “drop-in” or the U-type module can be integrated as an OEM component into a user system once testing is done. See our new Lasers 101 page for in depth information on the attributes of Lasers

L Type Module Features:

  • Wavelength Stabilized Spectrum
  • Narrow Spectral Linewidth (< 100 MHz FWHM)
  • High Power Single-mode Fiber Coupled Output
  • TEM00, Single-spatial, and single-longitudinal-mode (SLM)
  • Temperature Stabilized Spectrum (< 0.007 nm/0C)
  • 40 dB SMSR Typical
  • UL/CE and IEC Certified and Fully “turn-key”
  • Standard Wavelengths: 780-1064nm 

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