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Recent Developments at Integrated Optics

For several years now, RPMC has been partnered with Integrated Optics (IO) in Lithuania to provide you with the world’s smallest turnkey lasers. Over the past eight years, IO has developed a proprietary optics assembly method based on robotics and unique software solutions.

These developments have ensured the highest levels of consistency and performance, while minimizing the overall system cost. In a recent blog titled “Investment in the Future – Integrated Optics,” we discussed IO’s recent 400,000-Euro investment project. As a follow up to that post, we are happy to announce that in 2019 IO has developed new in-house laser assembly workstations to ensure the highest scalability of manufacturing, complete process control, and a fast adaptation to customer needs. Also, they further improved this process with a new technique they call a Printed Optical Circuit Board (POCB). In combination with their assembly robotics, each component can be easily tuned with 6 degrees of freedom and sub-micron precision, enabling the design and assembly of sophisticated optical layouts with a much higher level of reliability.

In addition to reducing costs and improving time-to-market, this new technology has allowed IO to now produce the MatchBox Multi-Wavelength Laser Diode Combiner series, that are capable of aligning four beams simultaneously with 1-micron accuracy and precision. This new beam combiner will enable IO to begin offering their first multi-wavelength single-mode fiber-coupled laser sources for applications where size, portability and performance/cost are key requirements. To support their growing production capabilities, IO has grown its in-house team to 36 employees, including new laser assembly operators, and testing and production engineers. These recent additions in both personnel and production equipment, have not only allowed IO to keep up with their unprecedented 70% growth rate, but also to start implementing a large number of “in stock lasers” significantly reducing lead times.

Integrated Optics is best known for its Matchbox family of laser modules, which were designed originally as a compact laser source for spectroscopy, LiDAR, and other portable applications. The compact, air-cooled MatchBox series is one of the smallest stabilized laser sources on the market today with dimensions of only 50 mm x 30 mm x 18 mm. These modules are available at wavelengths ranging from 405nm to 1064nm with outputs powers as high as 500 mW, in either multi-mode (MM), single mode (SM), or single longitudinal mode (SLM) configurations with free space, or fiber-coupled beam delivery options.


At RPMC, we are proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for Integrated Optics.  If you would like to get additional technical specifications on the entire Matchbox laser series from Integrated Optics, click the link below, or talk to one of our laser experts today by calling 1-636-272-7227.

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