UniMir 13.4µm: 746 cm-1: Narrow Linewidth Gas Sensing QCL

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Overview of UniMir 13.4µm – 746 cm-1: Narrow Linewidth Gas Sensing QCL

Perfect for measuring xylene and propane monitoring, this UniMir 13.4µm (746 cm-1) model is a single-mode DFB QCL, operating in CW mode with 5mW output power (with the base plate of the HHL-package at 20oC). The full tunable range is ~3cm-1, while the continuous tuning range, free from ‘mode hopping’ is >1cm-1.

The groundbreaking UniMir line of long-wavelength, single-frequency DFB QCLs from mirSense are now commercially available in a sealed High Heat Load (HHL) package, with integrated collimating lens, thermistor, and thermoelectric cooler (TEC), well suited for integration into systems, or as a stand-alone turnkey system for R&D and detection applications. These lasers, operated in CW or in pulsed mode, emit a maximum power of 5 to 10mW (<15µm) at room temperature. By controlling the chip’s operating temperature through the Peltier element inside the laser’s package, customers tune the emission wavelength without mode hopping, while maintaining single longitudinal mode operation. The technology’s versatility allows them to address any wavelength between 10 and 18µm in CW and up to 21µm in pulsed mode, opening the way for high-resolution spectroscopy applications in this spectral range, notably for the detection of BTEX, but also CH3I, HCN and many other compounds.

UniMir 13.4µm Features:

  • DFB Single-Mode QCL
  • 13.4µm (746 cm-1) for xylene and propane detection
  • 5mW CW output power
  • ~3 cm-1 wavelength range
  • >1cm-1 Mode-Hop-Free tuning range
  • > 25dB side mode suppression ratio
  • <100MHz linewidth
  • <10mrad divergence
  • TEM00 beam quality
  • 4mm beam diameter
  • Vertically linearly polarized

PowerMir 13.4µm HHL PackagemirSense HHL

For clients who wish to purchase only the laser without the driving electronics, all of our laser wavelengths are available in a packaged version alone. Our standard offer is in an HHL package including the thermal regulation and a collimating lens. We are used to developing and supplying custom packages as well.  For specific projects, mirSense can also supply QCL chips on submounts on demand.

PowerMir HHL Features:

  • Standard high heat loads package (9-pins HHL) or custom package on request
  • Integrated Peltier TEC cooler
  • Integrated collimating lens (High beam quality, M²<1.5)
  • Possibility of chips on submount delivery