UHPOA-2P - Ultra High Power Fiber Optical Amplifier

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UHPOA-2P – Ultra High Power Fiber Optical Amplifier

The UHPOA-2P is a 2um band ultra high power fiber optic amplifier from Bktel capable of producing up to 40dBm of output power between 1750 nm to 2050nm.   This series of fiber amplifiers can be configured with single or multiple output ports terminated with your choice of industry standard connectors including SC/APC and FC/APC.  The UHPOA-2P is capable of handling input powers from -8 to 15 dBm and provides 30dB of optical isolation, making sure to protect the seed laser from dangerous back reflections. This amplifier also feathers a polarization mode dispersion of 0.5ps and a polarization mode gain of 0.5dB.  All of these features, combined with its compact form factor, low power consumption, and industry standard RS232 communication interface, make it the ideal OEM amplifier for demanding high power applications.

All of these features make the UHPOA-2P series of fiber optic amplifiers a robust tool for applications like LIDAR, free space communications, and many others.