SOL-20: 1064nm CW Laser

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The SOL-20 1064nm CW Laser is a compact 20W air-cooled DPSS laser designed and offered in a rugged and lightweight single unit. This laser is designed to allow easy and reliable integration in multiple applications, such as laser marking, and laser therapy. The SOL single unit design is based on a permanently aligned monolithic optical resonator integrated with 24 Vdc powered driving electronics. Cooling of the unit is provided by low noise fans.



20W CW @ 1064nm
Compact Air-cooled Single Unit
Fiber-Coupled SMA connector
Green Aiming Beam
Sealed and rugged
Monolithic design
24 V dc
RS232 monitor port


The SOL-20 1064nm CW Laser offers a compact single unit design that features an insensitivity to environmental conditions that guarantees superior operational flexibility and performance/cost ratio. The excellent beam quality of SOL lasers makes them the ideal source for the most demanding industrial and scientific applications.

The new electronic interface allows the user to integrate the laser according to the most recent safety standards for industrial machines (EN 13849) and to monitor the laser status through an RS232 port.  A new version of the Control Box and a new proprietary Software Interface are available for simplified remote control and monitoring.


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