RPMC-905-xxxW-P-xS: 905nm Vertical Stack Laser Diode

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Overview of RPMC-905-xxxW-P-xS – 905nm Vertical Stack Laser Diode

The RPMC-905 Series are high peak power, 905nm pulsed diode lasers designed for applications that require powers up to 66mW/µm of junction length at 200ns Pulse Width. These broad area emitters have excellent reliability and good quantum efficiency. Single emitters from 75µm to 380µm junction length are standard. Other wavelengths from 635nm to 1064nm, arrays, are available on special order.
The 905 nm laser may be overdriven at narrower pulse widths using Pod=Po*F, where F=(200/pw)^0.5. For pulse width<20ns, F = 3. Standard packages include 5.6mm, 9mm, TO18 coaxial, and TO5 twin lead. Options include fiber pigtails. R0 detectors are available in some packages for range finding applications. Applications include handheld rangefinders, laser speed detectors, ceilometers, weapons simulation, and proximity fuses.

RPMC-905-xxxW-P-xS Features

  • 905nm +/-10nm
  • 886nm-1100nm available upon request
  • Up to 150W
  • Up to 380µm Source Size (Emitter width called ‘Source Size’ in the datasheet – for listing out attributes)
  • 200ns pulse width
  • 500Hz repetition rate
  • TO56, 9mm, T05, TO18 package options

RPMC-905-xxxW-P-xS Applications:

  •  Hand held range finders
  •  Laser speed detectors
  •  Ceilometers
  •  Weapons
  •  Simulation
  •  Proximity fuses