RHAML-E: 405-1060nm High Power Stabilized Laser Diode Module

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RHAML-E | High Power Stabilized Laser Diode Module

The RHAML-E is a variable wavelength High Power Temperature Stabilized Laser Diode Module from RPMC Lasers. This series from RPMC Lasers has a variable wavelength, and output power while still offering excellent performance and reliability in a compact laser diode module.  This provides a free space continuous-wave output beam with an output power up to 100 mW and a wavelength of 405 to 1060nm.  This laser is designed with diffractive and refractive optical elements and a uniform, non-Gaussian line quality.

All of these features make the RHAML-E the ideal source for applications like confocal fluorescence microscopy, DNA sequencing, Machine vision, and flow cytometry.