R0976SX0500: 976nm SM Stabilized Laser Diode

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R0976SX0500 | 976nm Single-mode Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diode

The R0976SX0500 is a 976 nm single-mode wavelength stabilized diode laser from Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS). This 14-pin butterfly package utilizes a proprietary hybrid external-cavity laser design based on volume Bragg grating (VGB) technology, to ensure single-frequency laser performance as well as a single-mode beam profile.  This laser package is capable of linewidths less than, <100 kHz, when used with an appropriate power supply, at an output power up to 500 mW with power fluctuations of less than 1%.   The R0976SX0500 also provides excellent side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) typically between 35-40 dB, and a polarization extinction ratio greater than 17 dB.

All of these features make the R0976SX0500 the ideal source for applications like Raman spectroscopy.

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